Corporate video

All of the greats have even greater origin stories. And here at Phil & Flo, we believe that every story is worth telling. Whether you are a new start-up or a well established corporate king, let your business speak for itself through your very own corporate video.

Find your voice or project it even further

Take your company to the next level and reach out to audiences far and wide. There is nothing more impressive than a company with a defined identity, that knows exactly what it is and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

Corporate films are simple and versatile, which is what makes them such wonderful tools in our fast-paced, completely digitalized world. From an elevator pitch at a business conference to a method of advertising your business on television, your corporate video can do it all. They can speak volumes in a matter of minutes.

UMCG - Phil & Flo

Launch a brand new product with pizzaz

Create a training video that’ll keep all of your employees engaged and enthusiastic. Put together your yearly achievements and corporate milestones, and show the world, in the most literal sense, just how much your company has grown and developed over time. Build company morale and do it all to the tune of a great backing score.

Like any film, a corporate video is bound to draw attention. And so with a film like this in your pocket, put yourself on the radar of some new customers and build up your reputation amongst older ones. Let people know exactly what you have to offer and do it in such a way, that they will not be forgetting any time soon. With a film like this, you can not only keep people up to date with all of your products, services, and new ideas but you can also document your progress over the years, as a visual record of sorts to learn from. Within the company itself, a corporate video is a great way to deliver a message or introduce a CEO in a way that will most definitely make an impact.

Aron & Inge - Phil & Flo

A film is only as good as the people who make it happen

Like Michael Keaton said, “Filmmaking is the ultimate team sport.” With your stories and ideas and our innovation, we believe that there can be no greater team. And as a team, we will be in it together right from the first draft to the final cut. The creative process isn’t a linear one, and through all the brainstorming, dead ends and wrong turns we promise to stay fun to work with. Communication is key, and so, with the line of communication kept open between your team and ours, we are here to give your voice a visual. So, tell us all about who you are, how you came to be, what you plan to become - give us your vision and we’ll give it a video.

JDE filmopnames - Phil & Flo

Quality that last

If you should choose to work with us, we can assure you of video content of the highest quality.  Our goal is to create a film that is simple and meaningful, that speaks for itself, that has clarity and personality and that is unmistakably ‘you’ in every way possible. With a team of people who absolutely love what they do, we will, without a doubt, give you our everything when it comes to making your video. We are dedicated to giving you the best of the best. And the only thing that can compete with our commitment to our work is our commitment to our fun.

We hope you let us join you on your journey and give us the opportunity to make your ideas for your company come alive. We want to tell your story the way you see it, to give your brand an indisputable identity and to set it apart from all of the others. Our motto is to focus on the fun to deliver quality content with the utmost efficiency.

Peter & Suzan - Phil & Flo

Are you ready?

We would love to set the stage for your company as you build your empire across Europe and the rest of the world. Our cameras are ready and rolling. The only question is, are you?

Inge - Phil & Flo

Suzan - Account Director (Co-founder)

Met mijn achtergrond in de pedagogie en maatschappelijk werk, specialiseer ik mij in de branches Zorg en Onderwijs. Bel me op 085 -273 8331 voor vrijblijvend advies.