Bring your mascot alive

Bringing your mascot alive starts with a quality mascot suit. Perfect for your in- and outdoor events. But did you know you could also use your mascot online? We are Phil & Flo, animation partner for Promo Bears. We help you to bring your mascot alive on your website and social media!

Why animation?

People tend to focus on what’s moving. That’s why you don’t use a cardboard cutout during live events but a custom made mascot from Promo Bears. So why would you limit your website to images, if you could use video and animation content to draw attention to what’s important?

Promo Bears - Phil & Flo

What are the possibilities?

When it comes to animation, the only limit is your imagination. We are happy to give you a short list of possibilities for mascot animation:

  • Banner videos to welcome visitors to your website
  • A one minute explanimation in which your mascot explains your product or service
  • Five second pre-roll animations for online advertising
  • Cartoon animation story starring your mascot

Why Phil & Flo?

Phil & Flo specializes in 2D & 3D animation, and interactive video content. For over 15 years we have specialized in our field of work. We believe in a brighter future, with clean air, good health and education. To build towards this future we work together with a selection of organizations that share our vision. We focus on the following sectors:

  • Innovative tech
  • Education, art and culture
  • Healthcare
  • NGO’s and Non-profit organizations

More than just an animation

Besides being experts in animation, we also offer interactive leaflets and tours. Wondering what that is? Check one of our portfolio examples on the left. Interactive leaflets let you combine text, audio, video and animation to tell your brand’s story. The sky’s the limit!

Get in touch!

If you share our vision, and believe in the power of animation, then we would love to get in touch and discuss what we could do for you.

Check out more of our portfolio work on Youtube!